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This is much more than a PhotoPills accelerated training...


It’s time to announce the PhotoPills Lab - New York 2019 (Saturday, October 19th).

For the first time, the PhotoPills tribe is gathering in New York for a fun-full day of learning, meaningful connections and adventure!

Long story short…

We’re recruiting 40 PhotoPillers (photography nerds and PhotoPills app nerds) to join Rafael Pons (PhotoPills Team) along with Kah-Wai Lin, Jennifer Khordi and Matt Hill...

You’ll take part in a 1-DAY EPIC PHOTOPILLS INMERSION that will turn you into a true PhotoPills Master once and for all…

But not only that…

After this training…

You’ll be able to plan, shoot and post process any Sun, Moon and Milky Way photo you imagine...

Having lots of fun on the go :)


The Lab is hosted in the very heart of Manhattan, in a comfortable conference room which address will be revealed at the time of the booking ;)

After the theory class, we’ll get to practice in the field photographing New York from sunset till midnight.

The program

Saturday, October 19th.

8:30 am Checking in

9:00 am PhotoPills Keynote (Rafael Pons)

9:30 am Composition, the Artistic Eye (Kah-Wai Lin)

10:30 am PhotoPills Introduction (Rafel Pons)

12:00 pm Lunch (not included in price)

1:00 pm Planning the Milky Way (Rafael Pons)

2:00 pm Photographing & Post Processing the Milky Way (Matt Hill)

3:00 pm Planning the Moon and the Sun (Rafael Pons)

4:30 pm Photographing & Post Processing the Moon (Jennifer Khordi)

5:30 pm Sunset shooting (Sunset at 6:10 pm)

8:00 pm Dinner (not included in price)

9:00 pm Night shooting

The PhotoPills Masters


Kah-Wai Lin has explored and photographed some of the most diverse and remote places in over 30 countries. He has received nearly 200 awards at international photographic competitions and exhibitions including multiple gold medals. Most notably, Kah-Wai Lin was awarded the 1st place at the International Photography Award 2015 and was named top 10 photographic exhibitors in the world by Photographic Society of America in 2015 and 2016.

Jennifer Khordi

If you wish to photograph a giant full Moon with the Statue of Liberty or the World Trade Center… join one of Jennifer Khordi’s moon workshops. In recent years, she has developed a deep passion for the moon and New York... becoming a true expert!

Who else could teach us better how to photograph the Moon over Manhattan?

Matt Hill

Passionate about photography and teaching, Matt Hill is addicted to the night sky. So much that he rarely shoots during the daytime. Truth is that he has been pursuing the deepest possible understanding of night photography for over 20 years. And now he shares his wisdom leading workshops as a key member of the National Parks at Night team. We’re lucky to have hive on board!

Are you in?

The price of the PhotoPills Lab - New York 2019 is $99.

Please, finalize your booking as soon as possible. The seats are sold on a first come, first served basis.

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